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Folge157 UFO Steffen.jpg
A Twitter follower uploaded a picture of the UFO Stefan mentioned.
Veröffentlichung 10. Februar 2019
Laufzeit 00:52:35 h
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The episode UFO157 IS THE MOON CRASHING INTO EARTH? was released on February 10, 2019. It's the first English episode.


Thanks to Ron of OVER DA EGDE INTERNET RADIO from now on we are broadcasting to Canada directly! We welcome all our Canadian listeners who are curious about the unknown.

Thanks to Florian for the intro!


  • The episode starts with an Intro by Florian.
  • Florentin and Stefan welcome their international audience as DAS PODCAST UFO now also airs on a Canadian UFO radio station.
  • Florentin talks about his tour life with the Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld. He doesn't consider himself a singer.
  • Both moderators offer the dwarf planet Pluto to aliens who might be listening to the podcast.
  • Stefan and Florentin speculate about planets, colours and the speed of light. According to them, most of our knowledge is made up by the media.
  • As light travels faster than sound there is a chance that alien voices will suddenly appear years after they arrived on earth, resulting in a rather confusing situation for earthlings.
  • All listeners are advised to upload strange photos or sounds of potential UFO sightings to the comment section.
  • Discussion on the Flat Earth Theory and 9/11. According to Florentin everything might or might not be a fake, even the Bible which was written in Wingdings font may just be a big misunderstanding.
  • Stefan and Florentin are concerned about what an extraterrestrial species would think, if the first humans they encountered were the Blue Man Group.
  • Will the moon crash into earth or spin away from it? Detailed thoughts on mobbing orbs and heavenly bodies.
  • The podcast is interrupted by different German ads.
  • Both moderators are amused by the thought that even highly developed aliens could get sunburnt on earth. That's why Florentin wants to offer free sunscreen to alien invaders.
  • Stefan and Florentin report two UFO sightings they had just last week.
  • Florentin attended a seminar because he is lonely and has no girlfriend. The seminar leader told him to insult women in order to attract them.
  • Stefan's doorbell rings and he gets up to answer it. He then gets abducted by aliens and returns just seconds later with something to eat.
  • The DAS PODCAST UFO lifts off.